About Us

Back in the ancient times, women used to have a women’s tent where they would sit together, laughing and enjoying the company of each other. This was a place of growth where women learned how to be a woman, how to make it in the world. This was a great source of power and support.

Best Women Together is a modern virtual women’s tent where we talk openly about how to have it all, how to hold to a job that is both fulfilling and well paid and on the same time have well behaved kids and a spotless house. How to work, shop, cook, clean and find time to go to the gym few times in a week.

As a single mom of three Natalie knows how hard the role of the modern woman is. Together with other women she brings the secrets of finding the right way to organize and manage time, the encouragement and support to help women cope with the pressure of modern life, and shares advice, find life tools and connect with women worldwide in the matters that most interest us all.