Saying “I Love You” Without Words


You probably know how important it is that you and your partner say as many times as you can the three immortal words “I love you”. But you should not trust just words. In fact, non-verbal gestures of love are often a better way to get your man’s heart. Are you interested to see how your actions can speak clearly? We have assembled for you original feminine ways to say “I love you” without uttering a sound.


Hearty Cookies

You can draw a message of love on toast. Use a cookie cutter, especially heart-shaped cut that you have in the kitchen, push the cookie cutter into a slice of bread just enough to live a form, then put the slice in the toaster. This gesture will make your partner smile all day long.


Small Gifts, Big Secret

Make your partner a note in which you write how you love and appreciate him. Bury the note under his pillow, before you go to sleep.
If your partner travels for days at work, when he comes home, give him a small gift for each day that you were not together. Put the presents on the kitchen table and wait for him to notice them. Spoil him!


Mirror Mirror On The Wall

When you shower in the evening write a message with your finger on the steamed mirror, with the intention that he would see that message when he will shower the morning before he leaves for work. In addition you can leave little love notes, comics, jokes or small articles, possibly a bit sexy in his underwear drawer. And if you want to make sure he gets the message, organize notes on the floor shaped like arrows leading to the bedroom.


Sporty Love

A close friend told me about this great tip: go over the TV schedule and look for sports programs that would interest him. Record these without telling him and surprise him with the recording on a Sunday morning. And if your man is less of a sports fan, you can use a dictionary. Simply go through it and mark out all the things that describe him or remind you of him. Then, let him see it.


Touch And Go!

Show off you partner when you are with friends, even with little things like a small kiss or a little hug. And even when others are not around, make it a habit to be more physical with your man. Next time your man takes out the garbage without being asked, or starts the coffee pot in the morning for you, reward him with a hug of at least 30 seconds.


Start The Engine, Light The Fire

This tip is one of the best ways to say “I Love You” without words. Get out of bed before your man and start the car for him, especially in winter cold mornings. Keep his car warm and he will think of you all day long. And if you get up before him in the morning try to avoid making noise so he can enjoy an extra minute of sleep.



Like in many other aspects of our lives, use technology to let your man know you love him. Send him a short email, text him a message. A nice picture attached can spice things a bit. Chang the wallpaper on his phone to a picture of you with the title “I Love You”.


By now your man should be staring at you with sparkling eyes. Please share with us more ideas!